Alan Brings Yesteryear Into The Present At St Peters School

lead facilitator Alan Smith, as part of the Dream Intergenerational project, brought a set of photographs in to show the children of people and businesses that existed when Alan’s mother and father were their age. 


The photographs, in atmospheric black and white, included people like Eddie Barton, from Bartons Pickles and the childrens favourite Duggie Greenhall, a former St Helens Rugby player whose uncompromising style of play and flamboyant lifestyle endeared the children to his story.


The children were told that these very successful people not only had dreams, hopes and aspirations but they worked exceptionally hard to achieve their individual goal. To emphasise this the group was shown Colin Greenhalgh who gets up at 3.30am, 6 days a week to work in his bakery.


Jack, one of the students told me, ‘I now know why my mum is always telling me to study hard. I dont want to get up at three o’clock to go to work’!


Karaoke Brings Out moving Performance

The new ‘Reminiscence Karaoke’ took place at the Mansion House St Helens on Thursday the 15th of May.

karaoke-may14 003







Dementia well-being was the aim as our usual high class volunteer acts did songs from thought the decades
Again, We have found out from these sessions that the service users and attendees rather than getting up singing they would sooner sit and sing along and dance.

karaoke-may14 002







Lovely and moving moment when Daddy Daughter combination of Marie and Eric sang together for the first time in many years.
Eric, who has been a suffer of dementia for 5 years sang ‘Rose Garden’ with Marie without the aid of the words on the television screen.

karaoke-may14 001








Marie told us after that when growing up this was the song her dad would always sing to her. The performance took them both back to a happier time.

Saintland In Rehearsals

Following on from the success of their first performance, Break Free, Other Ways Of Telling will be returning to the library with their unique blend of poetry, humour, music and performance. Rehearsals are now in full swing with the cast creating a funny but moving performance.

owot saintland 001






The performance will be a  journey that will be filled lively songs and the highlight of the tour include a visit to the “National Museum of Shopping”, where you will be lucky enough to witness first hand the 21st century phenomena of ‘homo sapiens hunting for bargains’.

owot saintland 002






Saintland will tell the story of fairy tale characters after the fairy tale is over, when it turns out that Neverland is not what it’s cracked up to be…and holds up a magic mirror to the world we’re living in: Saintland – where Neverland meets Poundland.

owot saintland 004


Intergenerational Dream

sid and marion st peters 004 sid and marion st peters 001 sid and marion st peters 002 sid and marion st peters 003Sid and Marion came along to St Peters School to learn the children about their childhood and upbringing. Both brought in toys from their era. The children were fascinated with the simplicity of them and how imagination played a major factor in the enjoyment of them.









The children, using Dream as their inspiration, dressed as they saw their future hopes and aspirations.  As usual there were plenty of footballers and rugby players, but this time interspersed with Nurses, Archaeologists, Teachers and Vets.



Kyle, one of the students said : ‘I loved the cats cradle, it beats minecraft’!

st pete inter





Year 5 Dressed in their hopes and aspirations.