New exhibit gives fascinating insight into The Dream monument

The new exhibit at The World of Glass St Helens features a small prototype version of The Dream, two square pieces of the unique ‘Dream Mix’ which is composed of Spanish Dolomite Marble and English concrete. One of which is signed by the artist Jaume Plensa and includes a self portrait. There is also an original miners tally which inspired the base of The Dream, a limited edition Dream stamp and a copy of the radio times which tells the story of how St Helens were the only site of seven, including major cities, to commission and produce a piece of artwork. A massive achievement.IMG_20150109_140652130_HDR


Nutgrove Methodist School Dream Tour

Children from Nutgrove Methodist school were recently treated to a tour of the Dream monument located on the site of the former colliery in Sutton Manor.

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The class were very impressed with the trip and made the following comments:

  • I enjoyed the walk up to the Dream. I enjoyed it with you Gary. I think it was the best trip ever, Thank You.
  • I loved the School trip, I loved the Dream, thank you for taking us to the dream.
  • I liked the Dream the best because it was jinamas and it was really interesting. Thank you for taking us there.
  • I liked it when you said when we get round the corner there will be… the Dream. I was so excited and happy and amazed.
  • I can’t believe that you know so much. I want to go again. Did you enjoy it Gary?
  • Thank you Gary for telling us about the Dream Gary, now I know everything about the Dream!