Inspirational performance challenges perceptions . . .


Two exquisite dance performances were enjoyed by a mixed audience at St Helens Central Library at the end of February.

Four dancers from Candoco Dance Company performed two separate pieces which were both moving and inspirational. The North London-based Candoco specialises in productions in which disabled and non-disabled dancers perform together.

The first piece entitled ‘Subtle Kraft Co’ featured wheelchair bound Kimberley Harvey with dance partner, Anna Bergstrom. In the performance both dancers traverse the dance floor and execute an impressive array of contemporary dance moves with the chair becoming little more than a prop.

In the second piece Australian dancer and cerebral palsy sufferer, Dan Daw, performed an almost balletic duo with fellow dancer Mirjam Gurtner. The piece called ‘Studies for C’ is based on the Tennessee Williams’ 1953 play Camino Real and incorporates intimate dance moves performed to traditional Mexican Ranchera music.

Candoco seeks to both change and broaden audience perceptions of art and ability and – judging from the lively question and answer session which took place with the dance troupe after the performance – those in attendance had been completely inspired by the performances.



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